The Year I Lost Fifteen Pounds... And What I Learned

It was the summer of 2002 and I’d just moved to Colorado. For years I’d had an “on-again off-again” romance with the gym, and… I was ready for a deeper commitment.

I wanted to get a consistent strength training regimen going, but knew that left to my own devices I only made it to the gym sporadically (at best).  I can be super disciplined when it comes to a lot of things, but lifting weights? Not one of them.

So I hired an incredible personal trainer, Judi, and started workouts with her twice a week. I wanted to feel stronger, build my lean body mass, and support my running so that I could run a marathon “someday.”

Within months I started to feel and see results. I stayed with it – steadily, consistently. Twice a week without fail.

Slowly the extra weight I’d been carrying around for a while started to… melt off. I felt stronger, leaner, better than I could ever remember feeling.

Within a year I had lost fifteen pounds, was running 20-25 miles a week and hiking regularly. I joined a local running group and ran my first marathon in fall of 2003.

Even when I didn’t “feel” like going to the gym after a long day at work, I knew I had an appointment with myself and with Judi… and I stayed committed.

When I didn’t feel motivated to workout or get up at 5:30 a.m. for a long training run that year I came back to my intention, my “why” for doing these things:  I wanted to build strength and feel healthy and strong and fulfill a long time dream of running a marathon.

Here are a few examples of the “whys” my clients have shared with me lately:

·     " I’m putting hours of time and energy into renovating these rental apartments so my partner and I have more passive income and can eventually work less and travel more."

·      "I’m carving out one afternoon a week for myself as I grieve the loss of my mother… so I have the time and space for the extra self-care I need right now."

·     " I’m taking time to meditate each morning and slow down more because I want to be less distracted and more present for myself and for my family."

I invite you to think about one of your goals for 2018 right now and ask yourself the question: “What’s my WHY for doing this?”

When we’re clear on our intention it can become an anchor to help us stay focused and committed towards our goals… even on those days when we don’t really “feel” all that inspired or motivated.

I invite you to think about one of your goals for 2018 right now and ask yourself the question: “What’s my WHY for doing this?”

A few more tips for staying connected to your “why” are:

·      Journal about it – Set aside some time to write about your goal and the desire behind it. Writing helps us connect more deeply to what we’re thinking and feeling. Be sure to re-read what you’ve written or make some little post-it notes with reminders that you can see each day. Because we have TENS of thousands of thoughts each day, it’s easy to get distracted. Our minds really need these reminders of what we want to stay focused on.

·      Collage or make a vision board about it – Get a small piece of posterboard, some scissors, magazines and a glue stick and make a vision board that reminds you of your “why.”

For instance, I just started running again and signed up for a half marathon this summer. I made a vision board that represents how I want to FEEL (strong, happy, healthy) as I train. It serves as a daily reminder to do simple things like get enough sleep and eat clean… things that will support my running and feeling my best. My “why” is to be healthier and enjoy all the benefits I get from running regularly.

And at the end of the day, if you find yourself really struggling to take consistent action on a goal that’s important to you remember that it’s a strength, not a weakness to ask for help.

Investing in that personal training was one of the best decisions I made for myself 16 years ago. I showed myself what was possible when I was deeply committed and willing to get some extra support to reach my goals.

Whatever it is you hope to create in your life this year, I hope you will commit to it wholeheartedly and create reminders to help you stay connected to your “why.” And seek out support to help you get there if that’s what you really need!

Because what you have to say and what you’re doing in the world? It really does matter. 


P.S. Does it feel like the right time to get a little extra support in your life or your work right now? I just opened up three one-on-one coaching spots in my practice and would love to support you in slaying your goals this year!

Contact me here to let me know what you want to work on and we’ll set up a time to chat and see if working together is a good fit.



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