"Experiencing a day-long personal retreat led by Mindy Meeiring felt so nurturing and brought much clarity. Her insightful and gentle guidance intermingled with quiet time for reflection were just the right mix. It was very meaningful on this day to take the time to look clearly at my habits that I was ready to release and then to begin to look forward at how I intend to fully inhabit my own life. Knowing Mindy was "right there" if I needed her was also so valuable--to truly feel that I was supported, even when I felt challenged by the things I saw/discovered/admitted. Thank you!"

– Julie Gentry | Durango, CO

"I left my retreat day with specific tools to help me achieve my goals and a feeling of confidence in my ability to actually carry out what we had worked on into my real, hectic life. I was also pleasantly surprised by how relaxing the entire day was. I was honestly expecting it to be a bit more emotionally turbulent. What I found remarkable was that I really had most of the answers I was looking for within me… I just needed a little help to access them. In our current modern world that goes a billion miles a minute it's rare to even take an hour out of ones day for self care, and I took a whole day!  And the world didn't explode!   I wish that it was something more people could do. I would absolutely recommend a virtual retreat day with Mindy to others. Anything that you're struggling with or questioning or is blocking you, Mindy can help. She has a loving energy and a cool calmness & obvious experience and expertise and you will feel her support and love! Thank you for being a bright light in our world!"

– Derry Monks | Wilmington, NC,  Virtual Retreat Day Participant

Mindy has a loving energy and a cool calmness & obvious experience and expertise and you will feel her support and love!

"After a coaching session with Mindy and I was so impressed with how much insight I gained from our time together.  I felt so comfortable in her presence, which made it so easy to open up to her and tell her my innermost feelings.  Mindy was truly amazing at leading and guiding me into the depths of my own being.  She was very present and focused on all that I was saying and asked pertinent questions that helped me to uncover more about the issues at hand.  I never once felt judges or scrutinized during our session together.  I felt secure knowing that my authentic voice was given a safe container to express itself in. I would truly recommend Mindy to anyone who feels stuck, confused or disenchanted with any aspect of their lives and wants to uncover more authentic ways of expressing themselves in the world.  Having a session with Mindy has been a true gift to me.  Her insight has made a profound difference in my life, and I’m so thankful to her because of it."

– Whitney Lamb | Durango, CO

"Taking the Mindful Life Program’s Foundations Course with Mindy helped me to cultivate better attention and presence, establish a more consistent meditation practice and understand better my patterns of skillful and unskillful behavior. My meditation practice is more of a priority now and I've acquired the skills to lead a more connected and meaningful life. Mindy's kindness and sincere best intention for all people shines through in her teaching and she creates a container of safety that allows people to feel safe in their vulnerability."

– Brigid Korce | Mindful Life Program Foundations Course Participant

Coaching with Mindy provided me with ongoing feedback and ideas/encouragement that were insightful and positive as I navigated how to progress with a new career and business in Durango. Mindy was articulate, thoughtful to details, highly intuitive, and I appreciated how her spiritual values (as they relate to embracing the world as a human being) worked in my world view as well. Our coaching allowed me to continue transitioning into the Durango community with greater ease, clarity and confidence - both personally and professionally.  

– Deborah Sussex | Durango, CO

It was such a delight to participate in Mindy’s beautiful Gratitude Challenge! Mindy is so genuinely thoughtful and positive and encouraging and provided excellent and very supportive guidance. The Gratitude Challenge provided a great opportunity to slow down and take notice of many important and good things going on around me and it provided a great lens and a wonderful perspective on life - there is much to celebrate & be grateful for! Taking the time to do this allows positive feedback loops to come into play in wonderful ways. The specified month long challenge is over and I am very easily and happily and eagerly carrying on the practice. It is a really beautiful way to begin and end my day! Many many thanks to Mindy for creating and facilitating an incredible and very supportive group of amazing & inspiring individuals. What a gift and a blessing to get to be part of something so positive and encouraging and wonderful!

– Annie Murphy | Carbondale, CO

I started working with Mindy because I could not sleep - too much going on and not attending to the right things.  After two sessions I was sleeping through the night - yea!!! Over the next 2 years I found Mindy's insight to be invaluable.  I am now on the path to work that is grounded in my deepest passions. She helped me see what I was missing by offering reflection so I could see myself clearly.

– Matt Kelly | Durango, CO

Mindy’s gratitude challenge served as a source of light, inspiration, and connection, during an emotionally challenging period in my life. I found the community she was able to foster through the online platform truly remarkable. With each post and invitation she offered, she took the time to thoughtfully respond to everyone’s contributions and reflections. Her guided meditations and reflections were invaluable tools that I feel supported folks across the board, from those steeped in the practice, to those who fairly new to it, such as myself. I especially loved the optional invitations, which really enabled me to get in touch with my creativity in the practice, by writing letters and creating gratitude inspired art. What I appreciate most of all is the sense of ‘realness’ Mindy brought to the challenge, sharing her own challenges and offering tools for when we all encounter such moments of difficulty in our own lives. Since participating in the challenge, I’ve continued with my own gratitude practice, finding myself looking for moments and things to be thankful for throughout each day.  I’m so grateful for the guidance and support she has offered!

– A

Gratitude has always played a significant role in my life but never had I done a gratitude challenge until Mindy's challenge this past November. There were so many incredible things that happened during that time but the increased abundance that poured in really blew me away. 

I already lead a pretty magical life and often have incredible synchronicities occur but wow. Towards the end of the challenge, one day before Thanksgiving, I was visiting my beautiful old home in Florida that is now a wellness and retreat center. As I took in all the peace and tranquility, I gave so much gratitude for the opportunity to once live there and now share it with others. And then... I said a little prayer. 

I asked that I find the same peaceful setting in Hawaii where I had been renting for three years and searching for my own home that had not materialized. Actually I was living in a pretty terrible rental with mold and rats and doing my best to find some gratitude for the situation that I wanted out of so badly.

Two days later, on Black Friday, I received a generated real estate email that I almost deleted. But my gut told me to open it in a very similar fashion to how I found my Florida home. Listening to my intuition, I opened this email and there she was: the home I had already loved but could not afford. The price had just been dropped significantly into a range I thought I could manage. Not only did my offer get accepted, but the funds needed easily showed up. And so did a brand new Tesla! 

I'm not recommending the challenge so that you get a new home and car. But I am saying that the gratitude I know allowed for so many forms of abundance to flow into my life, not just the physical. Love that Mindy!

Dr. Charlotte Charfen | Hawi, HI

Mindy has a gift for healing and teaching and I can not recommend her highly enough to anyone who is on a journey of self-discovery.

"When I first began coaching with Mindy I felt like I was drowning in constant, harsh self-criticism after a series of perceived failures in my professional life. I knew I needed help finding direction because I was second-guessing everything, even the professional field I was in, and couldn't get out of my own head. During my coaching, I began to simultaneously work on cultivating a gratitude and meditation practice and really started to notice a change in myself. I started to move beyond those feeling of "not good enough" and while I still have occasional moments of self-doubt and anxiety I'm miles ahead of where I was at the start of my coaching journey.  I'm more aware of the destructive nature of my negative self-talk and I have the tools to help me work skillfully with it. After working with Mindy I feel happy, content, and confident that I will be successful. I'm excited now for what the future holds."

– Kayla Tomlinson | Durango, CO

"Mindy is an extremely talented retreat coach.  The day I spent with her and the eight other woman at our retreat was deep and meaningful.  Mindy began in the morning by skillfully creating a circle of trust and connection within our group.  With that foundation of trust we moved into a day of self discovery and appreciation for the uniqueness of each other.  I found Mindy extremely prepared firstly with a wonderful space that worked well for a group of eight.  She was gracious with tea and coffee and snacks as well as a healthy gourmet lunch.  When we made our vision boards she supplied us with quality materials that helped us to make something artful and meaningful to ourselves.  Her leadership and passion for coaching were evident as she engaged  us with questions for journaling.  I found her very respectful of what each of us shared.  The day was fun and thought provoking and helped each of us to move toward our intentions and goals for the new year.  I am deeply grateful for the feminine energy she inspired in our group and for her ability to help each of us come to appreciate our authentic selves while discovering what it really is we want for the year ahead."

– Past New Year’s Retreat Participant

"There were 3 components of the course I found most useful were: the daily meditation practice, setting an intention for the day and clarifying my values. I have dabbled in meditation here and there through the years but in this course I have a better understanding of its benefits and have been more consistent in incorporating it into my daily routine. Setting a daily intention is a great way to stay present throughout the day!  A small thing but so helpful in developing attention, internal and external awareness. And clarifying values is the key to a meaningful life for me!  I saw very clearly that to take the time to hone in on what is most important to me and use these values as a guiding principle going forward would set me right.

Mindy was very organized in her presentation of the material and brought it to a personal level by her many examples and including the group in discussions.   She was very knowledgeable about the MLP information and demonstrated this with her fluidity in presentation and how she answered questions that came up in the group.   I thought it was helpful to have the consistent assignments, consistent reminders of the tenets of the program so that they became familiar to us and Mindy built upon them each week and brought it all together in the final two sessions.  A major piece in the support of learning was Mindy herself and the environment she created for us that enhanced the experience.  Mindy’s demeanor and manner (joy and kindness) and her obvious commitment to her own practice of the MLP principles set the tone for success.  Thanks, Mindy!!"

– Chris DeNier | Mindful Life Program Foundations Course Participant

I would truly recommend Mindy to anyone who feels stuck, confused or disenchanted with any aspect of their lives and wants to uncover more authentic ways of expressing themselves in the world.

Having Mindy guide me through the Mindful Life Program this summer was such an immense blessing for me.  In a year filled with immense challenges and drastic change, I was so fortunate to be able to work with her to develop tools and skills to help me deal with stressful situations. Mindy has such an easy grace and openness that allowed for an amazing level of vulnerability and honesty among our group. Although most of us were strangers, she guided us through the exercises and discussions in a way that fostered connection and created lasting bonds.  I was challenged to understand myself better and analyze long held beliefs and habits, but I always felt safe and valued.  Whether one has a current meditation practice or is new to the concept was irrelevant in our group, as Mindy was able to guide all of us toward establishing and deepening our meditation practices.  My daily life improved as I was able to incorporate the simple techniques and strategies that we practiced in class to change the way I viewed and responded to every day situations. 

At the conclusion of the Mindful Life Program, I continued working with Mindy in one-on-one private coaching sessions.  Participating in coaching with Mindy was very powerful because she designed each session around the exact goals that I was focused on.  She was always well-prepared with strategies designed to address my specific concerns and each session was dynamic and useful. I was able to see almost immediate improvements in progress toward my goals and whenever I encountered a roadblock, Mindy was there to help me refresh my view and empower me with tools to keep me on my path.  I believe strongly that Mindy has a gift for healing and teaching and can not recommend her highly enough to anyone who is on a journey of self-discovery.  Her generous spirit, calm energy, and expertise make her the ideal guide for others and learning from her has been a great privilege for me.

– Brooke Lamb | Durango, CO

Mindy has a unique talent to meet people where they are with great compassion and respect. Her genuine love for others make her a kind and gentle guide as they navigate those most difficult and painful places. Her willingness to listen from her heart assist her in offering creative, effective tools that promote deep personal growth and change. If you feel ready to take that courageous next step towards healing you will find no better guide than Mindy!

– Ann Sheppard, PhD, Intuitive Counselor | Quincy, CA

The Mindful Life Program Foundations Course is what I had been looking for and needing to help me make the changes I was wanting to make in my life and to stick to the “non-negotiable” activities that support my values and help me to show up as my best self with loving kindness to all.

 – Lynda Berger | Durango, CO

I appreciated the opportunity to build a stronger muscle of attention by taking the Mindful Life Program Foundations Course.  The course and our teacher (Mindy) offered a nice balance of reflection, homework, videos, exercises and personal sharing to tap into the multidimensional quality of the course. I got a lot out of other people’s sharing as well since different aspects were meaningful to all of us. I got review and insight by hearing my classmates sharing. I’m feeling very grateful fro this experience. 

– Ananda Foley | Durango, CO

I would highly recommend the Mindful Life Program Foundations Course to anyone wanting to experience genuine happiness in their life. I think this class should be mandatory. It is a way to live better, love better and to be a better human being. Mindy is and exceptional, teacher, leader and seasoned practitioner. She shared her wisdom through personal experiences that made the class more tangible and learnable. I now live my life in such a more meaningful and present way and am so grateful for this.

– Katie Marechal | Durango, CO

The Mindful Life Program Foundations Course has helped me to cultivate a life I am loving and far more present to experience for all of its joys. These practices are truly life-changing in the most profound way I have ever experienced. 

– Christina Kuss | Durango, CO