I help kind, intelligent, soulful people move through change and get past their self-doubt & limiting beliefs to create the life they long to be living.


No more “shoulds,” no more doing the “practical thing” because it’s what makes sense. You’re ready to move beyond all that and get real about what you’re here to do on this planet.  And you’d like to do it with as much ease and joy as possible.

I will support you to access your deep inner wisdom and, from this place, create a life that inspires and delights you.

Many of us have been taught, in both subtle and overt ways, to take the “practical, safe” route in life and disregard what our hearts are drawn to. We’ve moved away from listening to our own inner wisdom, or what I refer to as our “inner GPS” system, and often live our lives according to some culturally prescribed norm that never feels quite right. I’ve been there.


I’ve walked through the darkness and come out in the light. Multiple times. In my late teens and early 20s, I battled depression and a severe eating disorder and eventually healed from both. I’ve struggled with infertility and the loss of not being able to have my own children. And a cancer diagnosis not too long ago.

I know what it’s like to move through big change, disappointment and major loss… and come out whole on the other side. I’ve done it many times and in the midst of it learned how to meet myself with major doses of self-compassion and love. And so can you.

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

- Mary Oliver

In my work as a Life Coach I work with many different types of people, with many different dreams and goals. As a coach, I support you to build a bridge of clarity, courage and focus… from the life you currently have into the life you truly want.

Whether you’re facing a major crossroads in your career, with your physical health, or in your most important relationships, I’m here to help you navigate life’s messiest and most momentous decisions– because there’s no bridge on earth that you have to cross, alone.

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nourish your mind, body & spirit


Take a deep breath, pause, and dream. Make it wild. Make it fierce. Make it tender. And tell me all about it.


xo. Mindy

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