Hello! My name is Mindy Meiering.

I’m a Life Coach & Mindfulness Teacher based in Colorado and on the Big Island of Hawaii, where I live with my husband Patrick and our sweet rescue dog, Charlie.

In 2002, at the age of 30, I gave up a “good” job and a “nice” apartment in a ”comfortable” city. I’d never lived more than a couple hundred miles away from the place I was born, but my soul was yearning for something… more.  

During that period in my life, I felt empty a lot of the time. I’d earned the degrees, was working in a respectable career as a Social Worker in a city I liked well enough with good friends and all of my family nearby.


Yet, something was missing.


My life was missing what it has now: vibrant health, a connection with Spirit, deep soulful relationships, work that truly nourished me, and an environment that I could truly thrive in. I knew it didn’t have to be that way, though… and I set out on a journey to create a life that truly fed me on all levels.

I planted myself on the other side of the country, in the mountains of Durango, CO. And the Universe conspired to help me thrive. (When you listen to your intuition and choose with courage, it usually does.) Colorado is where I truly spread my wings and where my soul has flourished over the last 17 years.

It was in Durango that I stepped into the next evolution of my work and got trained as a Life Coach, and eventually transitioned out of a 16-year career in Social Work to pursue my passion of coaching full time.  And it was here that I met my soulmate, Patrick (in a coffee shop called Pure Soul, can you believe it?) who I married in 2010.

Together, Patrick and I are fulfilling a mutual dream of building a retreat center on the Big Island of Hawaii. Through a series of fortunate events and synchronicities, we became the stewards of an incredibly special piece of land there and construction is currently underway for the Inhabit Sanctuary & Retreat Center.

Nestled amongst 172 acres of nature sanctuary, Inhabit will offer abundant space to absorb and integrate the teachings our retreatants experience, and allow room for deep introspection amidst nature.

While I live in Hawaii almost half the year now, I consider both of these places to be my “home” and deeply value the sense of connectedness and community they each provide for me.


I’ve had quite a bit of academic training. I hold several degrees and other credentials (if you’re interested, you can read more about those here). I’ve also received many lessons—beautiful, valuable, and sometimes painful—from the classroom of life.

I’ve battled cancer. I’ve dealt with infertility. I’ve had to humbly embrace the limitations of what my physical body can and can’t do. I’ve grieved for loved ones and lost dreams. I’ve struggled with stressful career transitions. I know what it feels like to work a 40-hour week, collect a paycheck, come home to a comfortable apartment, in a “nice” city and still feel empty— like something is missing. I’ve been there. I’ve felt it all.

From these experiences, and many others, I’ve learned that life can be messy and imperfect. I’ve learned that even the most courageous, creative people still get stuck sometimes. I’ve learned that time is precious, and that every day is a gift. We can move through illness, loss and disappointment, heal from pain, and go on to create a beautiful new chapter. It’s never too late. It is always possible.


“Let us have deep gratitude for the challenges we’ve faced in our lives. Each one shows us our courage, inner strength and resilience and is woven into the beautiful tapestry of who we are today.”

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I’ve also learned that every journey is easier with a partner walking by your side.

I would love to be that partner for you, whether it’s through a series of coaching sessions, a retreat, a class, or a virtual connection on my blog. And of course, you can always connect with me via email. If you send me a note, I would love to know…

What is your heart longing for right now? What is your deepest truth?

These are two of my favorite questions. I would love to hear your answer. Your real answer. Not the answer you think you “should” give, not the answer that seems “sensible” or “practical” or “responsible,” but the deepest, truest answer.

If you’d like to share… I am here.

xo. Mindy