Custom Retreats

I’d be delighted to create a personalized retreat just for you—or you plus a partner, a friend, or a small group of teammates or colleagues.

I can host a retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii, in New Mexico, in Colorado, or (with enough advance notice) some other location that you’d love to visit.

I often do custom daylong “virtual” retreats as well where we focus on a specific theme or project you’re working on and check in for coaching throughout the day via Skype/Zoom or the phone. We can do a retreat that’s one day, two days, three days, or longer, whatever feels right to you.

Custom Retreats -- Mindy Meiering
Mindy Meiering Custom Retreat Packages
Mindy Meiering Custom Retreat Packages

Beautiful food, soulful conversations, coaching sessions, massages, yoga, meditation, mindful walks, time to dream, plan, and recharge… contact me to describe your dream retreat, location, and budget, and I can handle all the details so that you can just show up... and enjoy!