Staying Devoted To Your Dreams & Goals

Earlier this year I participated in a free 5-day creative challenge a friend of mine was offering. One of the days she encouraged us to come up with a phrase, or a “rallying cry” as she called it, that would help us re-focus if we got off track with our creative work. The word devotion immediately came to my mind and then… the phrase “fierce devotion” popped up. 

It’s usually easy for us to identify what’s important to us in life… our work, our family, our health, etc. But, how often do you then find yourself scrolling through Facebook or Instagram or distracting yourself with some other mindless activity like laundry or running errands and NOT focusing on what you know is most important to you?

Each morning, before I do anything else, I do some qi gong and about 30 minutes of meditation practice. It sets the tone for my day and when I don’t do it first thing… my whole days feels “off.” Kind of like forgetting to brush my teeth!

In February, though, I started waking up earlier than usual and fell into an old habit of laying in bed reading text messages and emails on my phone before I got up to do my practice.  After a few weeks, I noticed that it wasn’t feeling very good. 

I decided to start charging my phone in another room, away from my bedroom, and to leave it on airplane mode until after I’ve finished my morning meditation. Easy enough, right? And it has been.

Making little changes like this add up over time.  

Things like….

  • Waiting until after breakfast (and and of your morning rituals) to start responding to texts and emails.  

  • Pausing several times throughout your day to simply breathe, check in with yourself, and ask “What do I need right now?”

  • Drinking eight glasses of water every day

  • Walking 10, 000 steps each day

  •  Going to bed at a reasonable hour and getting enough sleep

What are some small changes you could start making in your day this week that, over time, could add up to some really powerful, positive shifts in your life?


And how can you cultivate a “fierce devotion” to staying with these changes?

I am so cheering you on, and with you every step of the way. 

One of the things I’ve found most supportive when I’m trying to make changes in my own life and feeling stuck - or I’m going through a big transition, or working on a big project or goal - is to ask for help. 

If you think working with a life coach might support you right now, I have several openings in my practice this spring and would love to explore whether it might be a good fit for us to work together. 

You can read more about my approach to coaching here, and information on the coaching packages I offer is here. We can also create a custom package tailored to your specific needs. 

Send me a message here if you’d like to set up a time for a brief chat about working together!