It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you might either be really excited about this holiday, planning a special date night with your partner or a “galentine’s” gathering with some girlfriends… or, you could be rolling your eyes at the Hallmark cheesiness that typically  surrounds this day.

Feelings about V-day aside, it never hurts to bring a little more love into our lives, right? You’ve probably heard this before, but love is the antidote to fear.  It helps to dissolve our fears and bring more peace and feelings of genuine happiness into our hearts and into the world.

That’s why I felt inspired to create this FREE 5-day “Inhabit Love” Challenge for you.

Each day you’ll receive a little love from me in your email inbox. Each email will include:

  •  a short reflection

  • an invitation to do a short 5-10 minute activity that day that will help bring more love into your life,

  • and a fun, easy suggestion for how to show yourself a little more love

While you don’t have to be on Facebook at ALL to participate in this Challenge, I will be setting up a private Facebook group for people who would like to share their experiences in community during this week… and I may even pop in and do a few Facebook “lives.”


“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.” 

– Helen Keller

Wondering if you could benefit from this Challenge?

If any of the following describe you, I guarantee you will get something out of it… 

  • You’re in pain from the recent loss of a loved one or a beloved pet

  • You’ve been experiencing feelings of loneliness or sadness

  • You’re in the midst of a big life transition and life feels a little overwhelming right now

  • You notice yourself being judgmental – of yourself and/or others – and would like to begin shifting this.

  • You’re really hard on yourself, in general.

  • You’re feeling content or really happy with your life but appreciate the value of bringing more love in!


Ready to join?